How To Record Skype Calls Guide

Recording skype calls is easy and fun.
Sometime you need to keep track of the important calls and use them for later use wen you need them.
Below are the few methods by which you can record skype calls very easily.

Certain requirements before moving forward:
· You must first have an active Skype account
· You must have a burning program

There are many tools available to the online registration. Some of them are paid for and some are free. Most people use the free version with basic features. However, there are also versions of payment with exclusive features. Today we will talk about three solutions covering options for the Mac.

Screen Grabber Pro 1 solution
The first tool is the Screen Grabber Pro. This tool filled with many interesting features. You can use the full version or can be used free of charge with the basic functions.

Orientation and user services
First, you must download the software. After downloading you will get simple instructions on how to use the tool. Here is a list of features that you can get with the tool.


· You can start recording the screen with one click and when it just done to save.
· You can take screenshots on screen during recording.
· It is also a very useful editor if you need to change something.
· It is a planner of the available tasks. You can save by creating the Task Scheduler a job in the future.
· It can be done in editing and video settings screen.
· You can record audio via the webcam.


Well, this software is very good. Therefore, no major drawbacks are worth mentioning.
Cam Studio Solution of 2-
Orientation and user services
Cam Studio is another great video recording tool. This service is free. There may also be payment from trial.
· It's free. You can record online with creative features. But they are limited.
· You can create instructions for creative purposes.

· With Cam Study you can save in AVI and SWF format, which are not the norm.
· The trial version is limited to 30 days.

3 Solution for Mac
There are several applications for recording Skype on the Mac calls. Some are free and others are paid for. But here will be the discussion about the free methods.

QuickTime for Skype
It is a recording tool to record audio or video calls with Skype for Mac. First, you must download the software. It has advantages and disadvantages.
· It is completely free.
· You can record audio or video calls as you like.

· You need to keep the files manually.
· Create large files.

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