Protection From Evil Minds Of Hackers

Have You ever been hacked ? If not you are lucky because you are still safe from evil hands of hackers. Everyone can be victim of this worst nightmare at any point of their lives from individuals to business personals however if proper measures are taken the chances of being victimized by hacking can be minimized.
The most common type of security threat is identity theft in which hackers steal password of your personal accounts and use your personal information and secrets against you.

There are numerous ways hackers use to spy on your private and business accounts.
They can generate imitations of your credit/debit cards and use them to shop online.They can use keystroke spywares to tracks the keys pressed on your keyboard.Hackers can crack you password of social networking accounts like Facebook and twitter and get access to your personal account and post something on your wall and even read messages.

There are some techniques which can be used to protect yourself from these online criminals.

1.Protect Your system using Encryption.
Just Enabling passwords on your system will not protect you from evil minds of hackers . They can crack your passwords using malicious software and can get
access in to your system however encryption will add extra security layer on you hard disk.
encryption is techniques used thousands of years ago to encrypt the messages.There are many software which can be used for data encryption . Some popular software include Vera Crypt for windows is very nice tool for encryption and window's built in encryption can also be used .

2. Secure Your Web Browser.
Most of the people let browser to save their username and passwords to save the time when they want to login next time which can be used by hackers to steal.however their is a option in every web browser which can be disabled to not save your username and password and re enter  every time you login which is very good practice to minimize the risk of identity thefts.

3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication.
Now a days two factor authentication is very famous and powerful way to protect your accounts which add one more security layer on your accounts.
In two factor authentication mobile phone number along with password is used to open your account . when the passwords are entered the code is generated and sent to mobile number which is also entered after passwords to get access on your account. cool! isn't it.

4.Always Update your Antivirus 
Some times we ignore updates of our antivirus software which is another risky practice .To keep you security software up to date make your system more secure and aware of new virus definitions and helps you protect from them.So its better to always update your antivirus.

Hacking is every where which can not be eliminated however can be significantly minimized using some of the techniques described above.
Its better to be safe than sorry . Be safe and don't let anyone exploit your personal space.

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