WebDesign Practices For 2017

Trends continued to change websites based on user feedback, SEO and coding procedures. 2016 was excellent for web design with people excellent try to find unique ideas. Here are some promising trends that we predict for next year:

Optics with a flat design
Flat design has gained popularity in 2016 and is still popular in 2017. In the flat design of the sections are arranged side by side, the website makes easy to interact with. The elegant appearance, which was visually appreciated by the users, is an important point. Simplicity is the key site is visually appealing.

Design Manager everywhere
The benefits of the response sites know, the developers have adopted this change over the past two years. There are few sites that are not receptive. The design approach is getting the mobile view. The UI patterns are created so that they are not very difficult to align with regard to the response to. The journey of the user will be the main target for table telephones, smartphones and tablets.

Video flag
I personally am not a fan of video on sites down but video backgrounds are immense popularity for a few months to win. Video with cursor image slider is a versatile marketing trend that in 2017 The users love the idea to immediately see the video for information about the company increase.

Less use of photos
It's time to change the same old idea of ​​complete images on the website. Some pictures are so common that you can also see on many other websites. Customers will be more sophisticated for your brand's unique image. People are tired of typical custom pictures and so original personalized photos are welcome.

Typography and strong colors
We've seen the rich colors in 2016 to be a whole rage, which is breaking the typical web standard colors a nice shot. The trend has finally changed. Brands try to look unique and clearly show who they are. We will also be a selection of bold characters long. Typography makes statements, sharp and clear. We see the great image of the hero with a great and beautiful typography with beautiful animations and lyrics.

Less sites full parallax
We saw many parallax website in the last 2-3 years. This trend is about to disappear because of its side effects related to SEO. Parallax sites are usually long web sites that are not generated by search engines to generate a page URL separately for internal pages and are not followed. Also, the use of heavy writing reduces the speed of the website and the mobile view is not as good either. Parallax is nowhere to go. Rather, it is intelligent to some of the site for superb visual processing.

With the trends up in 2017, an excellent year will be of interest to the concepts of entering the market websites. It is likely to be more creative thinkers to experience and build sites looking fresh.

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